Sisters Servants of Immaculate Virgin Mary

Our congregation was founded in Poland in 1878 with the aim to meet the burning needs of the faithful under the circumstances of the tsarist regime. The main thing was to bring God’s love to those who needed it most of all especially among the country people. Sisters were encouraged to follow Mary’s way of life taking as a model Her complete devotion and obedience to God’s will. (Lk.1, 38) “I am the handmaid of the lord.” Our sisters do not wear any distinctive garb, that is, no habit, sequently it is easier to contact people of different social spheres and form closer relationship. The centre of our congregation is situated in Poland, but at present our sisters work in many different countries, like Latvia, Lithuania, Byelorussia, the USA, France, Italy as well as in Africa, mainly in Ruanda and Congo.

In fact some cloisters of sisters – servants had existed on the territory of Latvia, t. i. in the district of Kraslava (Krāslava), Prinosino even before the First World War, but in 1972 and later more sisters from Latvia joined the congregation.

According to the spiritual guidelines of our congregation sisters-servants represent a wide range of different professions, working at various educational establishments, schools and kindergardens including; they are engaged in performing various duties of medical care. Besides, many sisters contribute a lot in the work of local parishes trying to develop every possible form of apostolic activities. The basis of our apostolic work is prayer life. Through participation in the Holy Mass and Hour’s liturgy sisters for all who they meet in their daily life, especially for those who entrust their needs to our community. Our sisters are responsible for guiding the Rosary prayer group “From heart to heart”. The group consists of those who volunteered to pray in order to help the addicted.

Since 1999 sisters have been organising monthly retreat sessions for young people as well as the weekend courses to help them in the discernment of their vocation. Besides, sisters often assist young people in their spiritual searching if they need it. But our cloister chapel serves as a meeting place to different prayer groups or church communities, mainly during their retreat days.

Every summer our sisters take part in the pilgrimages to Aglona performing different arrangements or guiding the prayer groups.

At present because of the existing economic crisis more and more people come to the gate of our cloister begging for some warm food. It is a grave sight when children and teenagers are among those who lack the food. Our sisters do their best to take care of them. Alongside with providing food for them sisters try to give them some spiritual care as well, arranging the so called “Friday learn and play parties”, meant for the children and teenagers of Kipsala. If you would like to pray in our chapel together with us you are welcome to take part in the part in the Sunday Holy Mass.

Our adress:

Enkura street 9

Riga, LV-1048

tel. 676 118 30 / fax. 674 572 31

[email protected]

  • Sunday 3.p.m. – Holy Mass
  • Friday 6.p.m. – Learn and play party for the children of Kipsala
  • 3rd Saturday of each month – the retreat session for young people (different topics)
  • 1st weekend of September – the discernment of one’s vocation (for young people)

Notikumu kalendārs
 janvāris 2023
T. Honorāta vārdi:
„Cilvēks, kuram ir dzīva ticība un dedzīga mīlestība, visur saskata Dieva mīlestību, Viņa spēku un gudrību.”
Sv. Francisks:

“Mēs esam solījuši lielas lietas, un vēl lielākas ir solītas mums; pildīsim vienas un ilgosimies pēc otrām. Bauda ir īsa, bet sods mūžīgs; ciešanas ir nelielas, bet godība nebeidzama; daudz ir aicinātu, bet maz izredzētu, atmaksa ir visiem.”– Toms no Čelano, Dzīves apraksts, II (2C 191)